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GNSS can provide accuracy and reliability to your navigation and geomatics applications, which in turn make you gain better results, save time and money.

AJ Geomatics can help you with challenges related to GNSS and geodesy. For example improved and optimized use of GNSS and geodetic references, contributions to research and development, and by providing advice on soft- and hardware you already have or want to buy.

If you need assistance with project management, project wrap up, documentation, quality assessment, tenders and applications related to GNSS and geodesy we can help you with this, as well as with processing and analyses of GNSS data.

Clients. Several public and private companies and organizations have benefitted from consulting and courses by AJ Geomatics…

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Consulting by AJ Geomatics. See a list with examples of previous consulting tasks ...

Courses on GNSS and geodesy are held by AJ Geomatics. Courses are tailored for you or your company...

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